Ms Chen Shu, Superintendent

From a bilingual program to one of the world's best Chinese-English bilingual school

As a principal and a parent of a 24-year-old boy with domestic and foreign education background, I deeply feel it is one of the most important decision for the parents to choose a school for the children. Every parent wants to find a high-quality school which provides excellent academic environments, respects individual differences, and helps their children to unleash the unlimited potential in the physical, mental and moral aspects.


I have been looking for methods to maximize students' language potential in almost 20 years. In 2005, a group of return families advised me to develop a series of international curriculum, which combines the eastern and western education essences, helps to achieve the bilingual language teaching, and cultivates truly international talents. Under the earnest expectation of these parents, the Fudan-Vanke Experimental School had set up a unique international bilingual program, which is known as C Program.


Through nine years of educational practice, most students in grade 6 have mastered listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of both Chinese and English. According to historical tests, the students' Chinese level rank top in the Minhang District, Shanghai and their skills of English listening, speaking, reading and writing are higher than the average level of the same grade American students. In 2014, a junior girl attended the TOEFL test and attained an absolute high score of 119 points. A seventh grade boy transfered from public school has made great progress. His English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability has exceed the average American high school students when he attended the ITBS tests at ninth grade. What is more, the Junior high school students repeatedly won in the nationwide and US high school English debate competitions.


In terms of curriculum innovation, we combined the essence of Chinese and western education inside and outside the classroom. The students become the real masters of learning. Theme activities like Science Week, Book Week, Art Festival, History Day, Chinese Week, English Week help to arouse the children’s curiosity, creativity and practical ability. And the activities like Walkathon, Running for Love and Charity Sale help to inspire the children’s coexisted nature of kindness and responsibility.


The school also has a distinctive feature. That is high grade students teach little students. Everyone in grade six to nine has the opportunity to use their own written materials to teach primary school students. In this way, the students can cultivate their ability of active learning, information searching, editing, exploring, presentation as well as communicating in different age groups.


In September 2016, the Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School will usher in a new semester. We will adhere to combining eastern and western education essence and inspiring the unlimited potential of our students. We will also devote to forming creative curriculum by overhauling and upgrading the original International Bilingual C Program. The new school will not only reserve the original high standard bilingual curriculum but also develop new programs, such as STEAM courses, sports and art, etc., aiming to cultivate students' critical thinking and creative ability. At the same time, we will expand the extracurricular activities, forming a unique bilingual and multicultural curriculum.


Our goal is to build the world's best private bilingual school, create a sound and fruitful life for our children.


We not only focus on the nine years’ learning experience of the students, but also the comprehensively balanced personality, ability of lifelong learning, as well as innovatively pioneering spirit in order to help the children to lay a solid foundation for a healthy and abundant life. Elementary school and junior high school is the critical period to develop this foundation. We will lead the children to feel the beauty of the world and the universe. Through various charitable activities and community service opportunities, we aim to help them establish lofty aspirations, and courage to shoulder social responsibility.


In addition, what is more important is that if you choose Vanke Bilingual School for your children, you will be immersed in a borderless "Little United Nations". You will have the opportunity to study with the students from nearly 20 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Britain, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mainland China. During the cross-cultural and cross-border communication, they will learn mutual respect, understanding and tolerance. I wish all the students in Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School the frontrunners in the beautiful future!


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